The Other Half of the Morning Star

Authored by Realmcovet 1/2

1 August
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"Keep it secret. Keep it safe."

This is a secret journal that I will write my midnight rantings and ravings in. Pay no mind to my muse, as I only rape her when I've run out of my own semantic themes.
8-bit, a boy &his blob, a perfect circle, a.j. minette, action figures minus sass, albert einstein, algorithms of sorts, alucard, aortas, arcade fire, atlus7, atreyu barebackriding falcor, augusten burroughs &his magicalthinking, autism, balrogs, batman lamps, beelzebub, bilbo baggins' adventures, birds in flocks, blasphemy, calliope, casualvillian.com, cats, chains, children that aren't precociouslyannoying, coffee induced sugar rushes, contra, crying spells, cryptic code, crystalized realms, dalamar, darkness and darkness, darth vader's breathing apparatus, death by bubonic plague, delirium, demonic possesion, donnie darko, dragon warrior, dream, duran duran's the chauffeur, ewoh nairb positivity theorum, faxanadu, fell beasts, gandalf stormcrow, gary & wyatt, gauntlet, getting raistlin laid, ghosts-n-goblins, glamdring, grace under fire, green-eyed douch(e)bags, h.b.o.'s carnivale, handing asses on platters, harold crick, hello kitty in cosplay, helms, henry ford, hidden meaning, ian curtis, indecent exposure, indigenous pride, jess watsky ramblings, jesus, joel osteen concepts, john nash, joy division, kelly lebrock fucking gary&wyatt, kitiara banging lord soth, kitiara banging sturm brightblade, klaatu, kthulhu ftagn!, laughing till you cry, lesbian porn, loyal minotaurs, making fun of smallchildren, making miis, making pancit and lumpia, making whoopee with vader, making whoopee with vanitysmurf, manic episodes, martyrs, mary shelley's frankenstein, maurice sendak's musings, merman assraping man@arms, metalgear, metroid, milon's secret castle, minotaurs assraping faeries, mirkwood forest, momentum, morpheous, mural tattoos on backs, mushrooms, mysty anderson, neil gaiman &his thingummies, nicola griffith, nonsensical humour, obsessive-compulsive disorder, obstacle1, ocean creatures, orchid's realm of experience, orko banging battlecat, people who wear stripes, playing chess, poetry with no prose, pototoes dressed in cosplay, pyramid head, quoting movie lines, regular nes, riddle-me's, safetypinned bootlaces, self mutilation, sexscenes@starbucks, sir isaac newton, sleeping til 2pm, small children making funofme, snookms insatiable body odour, snow, soul swallowing, south of nowhere, spectaculary confirming schizophrenic signs, spell components, spinoff comix, stalking erica orloff, stalking like a hiredprofessional, stephen parrish's smartassedness, strawberry sour straws, swords of all sorts, symphony of the night, tasslehoff burrfoot's thievery guild, the 3 libras, the anti-christ, the anti-seven, the cardiovascular unit, the child-like emperess, the cuckoo in you, the human abstract, the inevitable, the living receiver, the manipulated living, the nazgul, the ocean, the sandman series, the smeagol/gollum personality split, treebeard, turtles, unicorn horns, what's in raistlin's pouches, when rabbits howl, william hammet off hismeds


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